Prime & Fire


Prime & Fire selects; in association with Factory Media, Talent House, and the BFI, exists to unearth new filmmaking talent - Focusing on short documentaries based around specialist sports.

Filmmakers from all over the globe were asked to submit pitches and treatments in order to win their share of the £28K production fund and to make their mini documentary ideas a reality.

The judges looked for unique human-interest stories within the world of action & specialist sports.Producers and directors were given the chance to pitch anything from skateboarding to free diving, surfing to dance. The possibilities were endless….

With over 100 submissions; ten winning treatments were developed into final films and released in partnership with the BFI in February 2015.

The most outstanding pitch received a £10,000 production budget whilst 9 other filmmakers were given a £2,000 production budget each.

Factory Media will champion the winning films with a view to securing partnership and distribution deals on behalf of their producers.

The Winners

The 77 Year Old Kite Surfer By James Callum and Alex Knowles

After the sudden death of his wife, David took up kite surfing and now tries to live life to the fullest.

The Gift By Eduardo Bartolome

In 2001, two surfers visited a remote fishing village on the West coast of Patagonia and opened the local children’s eyes to the sport of surfing. 14 years later, surfing is an integral part of the community's make up.

The Mud Wrestlers By Mukti Krishan

The ancient Indian discipline of Kushti wrestling is being side-lined for more Western and Olympic sanctioned forms. What does the future hold for those that have dedicated their lives to this dying sport?

Marble City By Sean Conley

South Korea is a skateboarder’s dream and yet it still sits under the radar for most team visits. When will skaters wake up to the delights of the Marble City?

Vershinin By Hannibal Morris

Krumping by Dominant over an original soundtrack, body form like you’ve never seen.

The 75 Year Old Racer By James Callum and Alex Knowles

The winner of 81 national championships over various cycling disciplines; Mick Ives may not be as fast as he once was but he sure doesn’t show any signs of quitting...

I Dance Against Myself By Samuel Sebillaut and Pauline Vergne

French Bboy Reemcat loves to battle, but his toughest fight is with his own body and a disease that has no known surgical or medicinal cure.

The Road To KL By Dave Robson

Sam travels to Malaysia to jump off a building that’s over 1000ft tall, in his own word “it’s really selfish but it’s my life, do what makes you happy”. Can’t argue with that kind of logic!

Milk Race: On And On By Steven Green

UK’s toughest road race of the 60’s, two past champions reminisce and share anecdotes of what it was like facing exhaustion and the Russians in this wonderful 8mm montage.

Unfinished Stories By David Suchar

If there was ever any doubt about how far the influence of skate culture has spread, a town nestled in the forests of Eastern Slovakia tells it’s story of skate park survival.

Kurikindi By Arsenio Cadena

At 73, Arsenio’s father has enjoyed climbing his native Equatorial mountains the majority of his life. With his body now starting to fail, will he end his days on the mountain with the Kurikindi birds as his only witness? Or back in the city he loathes?

The 82 Year Old Sky Diver By James Callum and Alex Knowles

Yes she does get scared sky diving but she reckons it’s better than sex so she’s going to carry on doing it.

In the most inspirational of the Selects films, 83 year old Dylis gives all of us reason to reflect on our lives and what we want to accomplish from them.

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